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Grade 8.8 bolts belong to the din 933 grade 8.8 standard. this is a structural grade for bolts. this is a medium carbon steel bolt specification. these bolts are heat treated by quenched and tempered methods. navstar steel is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the grade 8.8 bolts …

Brass wood screws are often used for their color appearance, moderate corrosion resistance, and because they can conduct electricity. however, they are not high in strength and nonmagnetic. steel wood screws are magnetic and malleable and when zinc plated, offers corrosion resistance.. stainless steel wood screws provide excellent protection against corrosion and rust, and can be …

#0 x 1/4" wood screws, flat slot drive, brass. wood screws are designed with aggressive threads for grabbing and holding the wood material.wood screws over an inch long have a threadless shank, typically one-third the overall length.brass: machinable, ductile, …

Traditional pozi wood screws may be great for general use, but when you want multipurpose with simple, speedy driving choose the additional torque of heco fix plus screws. heco fix screws have a clever coating and toothed thread that provide maximum torque and screwing speed not only on wood, but also plastic, masonry and sheet metal.

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